5 Ways to Style a Maxi Dress

As the weather cools, shorts are traded for pants, T-shirts are traded for sweaters, linen skirts for thicker wool skirts, and summer dresses get switched out for longer maxi dresses that are more seasonally appropriate. While maxi dresses are a trend that keeps coming back year after year, it can be difficult to know exactly how to style them or what to pair them with. If you want to learn about how to style maxi dresses, especially in the fall, here are five cute ways to consider.

1. Wear sandals and a cardigan for a transitional look.

In the limited time of temperate weather between summer’s sweltering days and fall’s crisp cold ones, there is an opportunity to wear some of your summer clothes with a fall twist. Pair your maxi with a long cardigan and your favorite pair of sandals for a look that is still breathable enough for summer weather while still covered up enough for you to be prepared for a fall chill.


2. Layer a turtleneck underneath for warmth and fashion.

If you’re feeling bold, try out a trend that has been sweeping the internet and social media: layering a tight turtleneck or mock neck underneath a spaghetti strap slip dress or linen wrap dress. This is a great way to “autumnize” your summer maxis and also try out something new. This layered look has a distinctly ’90s vibe and is a great way to freshen up your look without having to buy anything new. For added punch, go for a contrasting color turtleneck underneath the dress. For instance, pair a pumpkin orange turtleneck with a cobalt blue satin slip dress. Pairing these two bold solid colors together creates the look of color blocking which can add dimension and proportion to your outfit.


3. Belt it for an extra proportional definition.

If you’re a petite woman, odds are you’re always looking for ways to define your waist, show off your figure, and otherwise fight against looking like a little kid. One way to do this is to select styles for your wardrobe that are made specifically for you: buy petite maxi dresses that will actually fit and flatter your shape. Petite dresses are best for a petite frame, but may not be available everywhere. As an alternative you can always belt a straight size maxi dress to give extra definition to your waist and as a small way to shorten the length of the dress. The options are endless.

4. Go for a sweater maxi dress.

One of the best ways to switch up the style of a garment is to get it in a different fabric. Switching your maxi dress inventory out from linens and light cotton fabrics to wools and other knits is a great way to dress for the weather in style. Maxi and even midi sweater dresses paired with a great pair of boots make for a timeless fall and winter look that won’t fail you in comfort or in aesthetics. Go for a sweater dress in an autumnal solid color like brown or orange for fall or a deep navy or forest green for the winter.

5. Wear a crewneck sweater and tights for a makeshift skirt look.

For another adventure in layering, wear a crewneck sweater or sweatshirt over the top of your maxi dress and pair it with tights. All the layers will keep you warm and are removable if the weather where you are changes. Plus, wearing a crewneck over the dress will give you the illusion of two separate garments, including a stylish maxi skirt.


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