5 Tips for Impressing a Woman

When you are meeting someone new or starting to date someone you’ve been interested in for a long time, you may be trying to think of ways to impress her. You want her to find you interesting and attractive. You want her to be thinking about you when you aren’t around. Trying to impress a woman can be intimidating, and sometimes the harder you try, the less impressive you become, unfortunately.

Fear not, because the possibility is always there. Here are five tips for impressing women.

1. Be a sigma male


While most people have heard of an alpha male and a beta male, a sigma male is someone that has learned to march to the beat of his own drum. A sigma male exemplifies individuality and is comfortable in who he is as a man. Alpha males often come off as arrogant, while beta males seem passive. Sigma males, however, exude confidence; it is all about your mindset. They know exactly who they are, and they are comfortable with that. They aren’t going to feel intimidated or get jealous of others because they know what they have to offer.

2. Learn erotic hypnosis

Erotic hypnosis is a means of helping you to become less inhibited and get more out of sex. Often, people are blocked from truly letting go of inhibitions during sex due to negative experiences in their past. Erotic hypnosis can help you let go of those experiences and fully enjoy your current experiences. As you improve yourself and your ability as a lover, you will increase the experience for your partner as well. While improving your own sexual experience may not sound like a typical way to impress a woman, becoming a better lover certainly is one way to impress a woman. Which leads us to…

3. Become a better lover


Learning erotic hypnosis is a positive step towards becoming a better lover, but it isn’t the only step you can choose to take. From different positions to different techniques, you can become a better lover who drives women crazy (in a good way!). Sex is exciting, and you might be so excited to get to that point that you go all in. However, you aren’t the only one who’s looking forward to a sexy, fun time. The woman you’re with also wants a great time and a happy ending. When men take the time to make sure their partner is also pleased, it does not go unnoticed.

4. Let the pros help you

If you have a toothache, you go to a dentist. If you have a leaky faucet, you call a plumber. If you are having trouble impressing women, you check out Pickup Artist Training. Getting a woman’s attention is the first and often hardest step, and PUA has plenty of tricks and tips to help make you feel more confident in securing the interest of your lady friend. Learning unique methods to break the barrier and make contact with a woman you are interested in is no different than learning new skills before interviewing for a new job. You recognize a weakness, and you seek out professional help to strengthen your skills in that area. Pickup Artist Training will help you get women’s attention and start conversations. It will teach you what works and what doesn’t when it comes to ice breakers, introductions, and compliments.

5. Notice the small things


Anyone can tell a woman they look great, but what really impressed women is when you notice the small details. If she is wearing a top you’ve never seen her wear before, ask her if it is new. Compliment her makeup or her earrings. If she’s clearly gotten her nails done recently, tell her they look beautiful. Too often, men are stereotyped as feminine if they notice the small details of how a woman is dressed, but it impresses women, who put a lot of time and effort into the way they look. Noticing the small details will make them feel like you are really seeing them. And that’s what matters.

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