Can Male Enhancement Pills Cause Infertility?

Male enhancement pills are designed to help you achieve a natural erection while providing a boost to your sex drive. Though the benefits of these pills are numerous, it’s important to consider potentially harmful side effects before taking them. Like any supplement or pill you take, speak with your healthcare provider first to ensure this is the right course of action. Your doctor will outline any potential issues you may encounter and when you should seek medical help if issues or symptoms worsen.

What are the benefits of male enhancement pills?

If you’re considering male enhancement pills for the first time, be sure to research the benefits and side effects before you make any purchases. Different companies produce different pills, so you’ll need to find a reliable brand if you decide this is the right choice for your sexual health. Erectin, a Leading Edge Health brand, helps you achieve harder erections for a longer period. This works well if you struggle to maintain your erection throughout a sexual experience. Erectin has been clinically studied, but you don’t need a prescription to buy these gel capsules. They’re fast acting, which means you can discreetly take them before taking things up a notch.

In addition to experiencing a harder, longer erection, male enhancement pills help boost your libio and improve your sex drive. If you struggle in these areas, clinically studied pills like Erectin are a beneficial solution. These pills are formed with natural ingredients and a protective coating so you don’t have to worry about them negatively affecting your stomach.


Are male enhancement pills going to affect your fertility?

It’s important to consider any potentially harmful side effects of male enhancement pills. One of the main concerns surrounding these capsules is whether they cause infertility. If you want to start a family one day, you’ll need to consider whether this is something you’re likely to encounter. Research conducted in the early 2000s indicates that Viagra, a male enhancement pill, was known to decrease a man’s chances of fathering a child. This is because Viagra specifically contains phosphodiesterase inhibitor, a chemical that can affect sperm function.

When you’re browsing options for male enhancement pills, it’s safer to steer clear of any options containing this chemical. Though this is only one study observing a small group of men, it’s a good idea to avoid any harmful chemicals. Focus on purchasing pills through companies who use natural ingredients to create their products to protect your fertility now and in the future.


What are the side effects of male enhancement pills?

In addition to potential infertility, assessing the side effects of male enhancement pills before you buy them is essential. Typically, these supplements aren’t recommended for men who experience specific health problems. Men who have heart diseases are advised to stay away from male enhancement supplements containing PDE5Is. This is because the PDE5Is can cause a drop in blood pressure, which is unsafe if you suffer from heart disease or if you’re currently taking nitrates.

Similarly, if you suffer from liver or kidney problems, it’s best to find other ways to enhance your erections and increase your sex drive. Male enhancement pills containing PDE5Is can negatively impact these conditions. Other less serious, but still concerning, side effects to consider include headaches, dizziness, aches and pains in your body, and changes in your vision. If you experience any of these symptoms consistently, or if they persist over time, contact your healthcare provider right away. Though they’re likely to pass with time, and decreased consumption of the supplements, it’s always best to receive an examination just in case. This keeps you healthy and allows you to determine proper dosage moving forward.

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