How to Choose the Best Underwear for Your Body Type

When choosing your clothing and outfits, it’s essential to keep your body type in mind. Body type is impactful to fashion, as it can affect how a person wears their clothes and how they look in them. Your body type is just as relevant to your underwear as it is to outerwear. Make sure you’re buying the right clothes for your skin and body, even when you’re buying panties.

You want your underwear to make you feel as good as you look and vice versa and for them to maximize your comfort when you’re active during the day and sleeping at night.

When seeking the right panties, you need to know what aspects make a pair the best for you. It’s essential to know the available types, cuts, and fabrics out there, and to determine which kind is the best fit. Here’s how to figure out your body type so you can get to the fun part—shopping for new panties!

Determine your body type.


To figure out your body type, take measurements of your bust, shoulders, waist, and hips. You can get your bust measurement by measuring around where your chest is the fullest when you’re wearing a bra that fits appropriately. For a shoulder measurement, get assistance from someone else—have them wrap the measuring tape around the highest point of your shoulder and stretch it across to your other shoulder.

Measure your waist at the part of your torso that’s just above your belly button, and measure your hips by locating the widest point around your bottom. Do this by holding the tape measure on one hip and wrapping it around your buttocks to your other hip, all the way to its starting point.

Once you have these numbers, you’ll know if your body type is an hourglass, pear-shaped, apple-shaped, triangle-shaped, or inverted triangle-shaped, and you can choose undergarments that compliment you. Make sure that you’re shopping for panties from a reputable brand that offers uniquely designed, practical, and comfortable undergarments of assorted colors and fabrics. The type of underwear a person wears should match their body type and shape and provide comfort, especially since the style of underwear can impact women’s health. Whatever style ends up being the best for you, it’s worth it to get the right underwear so that you feel good both inside and outside.

Learn the different cuts of women’s underwear.


There are different cuts and styles of undergarments for women. One such cut is the boyshort cut of panties, commonly called boy shorts. These low rise panties offer full-coverage and have a shape similar to shorts. Wearing boy shorts can limit the appearance of panty lines under your dresses or skirts without the need to wear a thong.

Another popular cut is the classic brief. The waistband of these can sit around the natural waist and fully cover your bottom. These panties are an excellent option for making women feel covered and lacking unwanted panty lines lines or rolls. Likewise, hipster briefs are another form of women’s underwear. The waistband of these briefs sits at one’s hips instead of their natural waistline.

A style of undergarments that doesn’t lead to unwanted panty lines, but offers less coverage, is the bikini brief cut. The waistband of bikini briefs sits so low that it rests below the hip bone. Bikini briefs typically “hug” wearers at the bottom of their bottoms and don’t use elastic around the leg openings.

Many types of panties are available to women today. People can get classic cut brief cotton panties or fashionable bikinis, boy shorts, or thongs of various colors and patterns. Some undergarment brands include features in the products that enable panty wearers to comfortably cover their tummies and keep their clothes free of wrinkles, bunched up fabric, and panty lines.

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