How to Start a Beverage Line Even Bethenny Frankel Would Be Proud Of

If you’ve always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur like Real Housewives star Bethenny Frankel, your dreams may be in closer reach than you first realized. Thanks to the internet, starting your own wellness product line or lifestyle brand is easier than ever, offering you nearly limitless ways to make money if you have the drive and right information.

From shapewear to skincare to coffee, Bethenny’s Skinnygirl Global brand encompasses how businesses focusing on lifestyle-based products can really corner some of the markets with the right strategy. If a beverage line is something you’ve always been interested in pursuing more seriously, here’s how you can get the ball rolling and start making a name for yourself in the supplements industry.

Design your beverage with the market in mind

Part of finding success in the health and supplements industry at large is knowing your target audience. For example, are you interested in offering dieters an infused water that makes it easier (and tastier) to avoid soda? Or, are you targeting bodybuilders and athletes who need extra protein in a ready-to-use format? Knowing the answers to these questions won’t just help you figure out how to market your product, it will actually help you design and manufacture it.

Beverage formulation is a key component of designing any beverage line. This is where you actually get to design what ingredients go into your drinks, the benefits of those additives, and what different flavors taste like. It’s not enough to have attractive packaging anymore — instead, you must ensure a high-quality experience all-around, from looks to taste. Finding the right beverage manufacturer is key to finding the right formula, as they’ll be able to help you with each phase of the process, from formulation and mixing to flavoring, packaging, and labeling.

Manufacture your beverage

Beyond designing your beverage, it’s just as important to find and use a manufacturer who can create a consistent product. If different batches of your drink taste different or fail to offer the same effects, you may lose customers or rack up negative reviews online. Make sure to discuss with your manufacturer what sorts of quality control measures are taken into account after you’ve solidified your formula so that you avoid these rookie mistakes.

When you receive your first pallet of supplemental drinks, you’ll likely feel pride. Make sure to take a look and ensure that everything tastes right and that there aren’t any other errors with your shipment. You should also be sure that they’ll be able to handle producing your product at scale if it starts flying off the shelves, so that you can continue to build upon the momentum of your new drink brand.

Dress for success if you plan on networking

Once you have your product in-hand, it’s time to start selling! While it’s helpful to have an online presence and advertise on social media, one of the biggest ways to find success with niche products like your new beverage concept is to reach out to local businesses who may be willing to carry your drinks in store. Think about gyms and personal trainers who may be interested in carrying your energy drinks, or a local restaurant that might be interested in your fruit juice or teas. Making these connections is vital to breaking into the beverage market as a new beverage company.

When you approach a business owner to discuss the potential of carrying your new beverage, be sure to represent yourself as well as you represent your beverage concept. Wearing a professional black skirt and a nice blouse can work wonders for being taken seriously as a woman in business. Women’s black skirts are ubiquitous in all areas of business and fashion, making them the perfect go-to for new entrepreneurs shopping for basics that will be able to be used during business days and on the weekend.

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