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If You Love Jesus
     Then You'll Also . . .

What does real love
for Christ include?



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• Pamskee: Unity With Rome Means Submission to the Pope and Rejection of Christ.

• threegirldad: Unity With Rome Means Submission to the Pope and Rejection of Christ.

• fred: Unity With Rome Means Submission to the Pope and Rejection of Christ.

• Pamskee: Unity With Rome Means Submission to the Pope and Rejection of Christ.

• fred: Unity With Rome Means Submission to the Pope and Rejection of Christ.




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'Decisions For Christ' ?

What it really means



A Puritan Compass That Leads To
Doctrinal Truth

Learning From The Reformer's Preaching

'Decisions For Christ'
The Measure of Success?

Our Credibility:
in Godly Living,
Not World-Appeal

Error in Doctrine Leads to Error in Practice

Bible Study: "I feel like this verse means . . ."

Acts Church:
Built Through Purity
Not Pragmatism

Are You Evangelizing For The Wrong Reason?

Pulpits Pirated by Pop-Psychology

Spurgeon - Converts: Be Careful Counting "Unhatched Chickens"

Pragmatism Missing
in Ezekiel




We All Know We Sin
So Just Preach Positive

Should evangelism stick to the Good News?



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"look and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is
and walk in it, and find rest for your souls.'"   --Jeremiah 6:16

Blog: OldTruth.com :Unity With Rome Means Submission to the Pope and Rejection of Christ.

Dear Readers:

After three years of posting, the blog will be closing, though the Old Truth site will remain up and you will still find past postings, videos, and resources.

I've enjoyed interacting with many of you and posting on so many of the issues that effect today's church.  I have, as of late experienced some medical problems that make it impossible for me to continue blogging at this time.  I recently learned that I have "Non Alcoholic Cirrhosis of the Liver" which will require a liver transplant in order to survive beyond the next several years. For the past month I've spent a double-digit number of hours per day sleeping and have lost over 60 pounds in water retention.  As some of you know, I've also been battling broken bones this last year, several of which are still giving me some problems. 

Through all of this, my family and church in Milwaukee have been incredibly supportive, and I'd like to thank them all.  A special thanks goes out to Chad who has not only helped me with blogging through the months, but has also been a loyal friend and brother in the Lord. I am looking to the Lord through all of this and know that he has good that comes from these things (Romans 8:28).  I'm at a loss as to how unbelievers are able to make it through these types of things without looking to the Lord for strength.

I would love to return to blogging one day, perhaps after I receive a transplant, but that may be months or even a couple of years. For right now, I've been told to expect to get more sick as the months go on, so needless to say - I have some big challenges ahead of me. I do hope that the Old Truth website will continue to be a valuable resource for people.  Until I get the site reorganized, use the menus in the left and right margins of this page to navigate your way around, or use the Google search box to the left to search this site. Commenting has been turned off.

Though I am currently very behind in answering emails, you can feel free to send me a message. Thanks again to all of my regular readers and participants on the blog; I've learned more from you over the years than you have from me; you have been a blessing to me.

--Jim B.




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