The Taurus Birthday: Your Ultimate Guide to Self-Care

A person’s birthday should always be treated as a special day—you should be celebrating another year of life! Whether it is quality time with your whole family or spending time alone in the great outdoors, what you’re doing on this special occasion should be special to you.

Those with Taurus signs are unique people. They’re grounded, incredibly loyal, headstrong, and have tenacious endurance. Your Taurus birthday party probably won’t be an extravagant party with a bunch of fringe friends. Instead, you’re likely craving something more intimate. Maybe you’re looking for a road trip with a few close friends, or maybe you’re looking to be pampered a little. After all, self-care is of utmost importance to your mental health.

Birthdays are hard to top, although they get harder and harder every year. In the current state of the world in the middle of a pandemic, it feels almost impossible to celebrate anything. Luckily, as a Taurus you are likely not going to have a blowout bash anyways. If you’re looking for the next big celebration that will be better than last year’s birthday while still following socially distanced protocol for COVID-19, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a guide to the ultimate birthday, even in the age of COVID-19.

Love on yourself.


As a super loyal Taurus, you may forget to take care of yourself at times. If you’ve forgotten how to pamper yourself on your birthday, consider a few different options for a caring, compassionate person such as yourself. Consider doing some online retail therapy at your favorite online store—hopefully someone knows you well enough to give you a gift card! Or perhaps you can give yourself an at-home spa day to show yourself some love.

It’s tough right now to do this, but maybe you want to plan a trip that you’ve always wanted to take. With the right group of people it’ll be easy to take a trip somewhere spacious so you can respect social distancing guidelines while still getting out there to do something you love and have always wanted to do. Maybe you could also cross one or two things off your bucket list while you’re at it! What better time than now? That would be an excellent birthday gift to yourself.

Take that trip.


As an earth sign, Tauruses love the outdoors. Now is probably the best time for you to go on that road trip you’ve always wanted to take. So why don’t you take a trip west to the big outdoors? The west is full of open landscapes that are perfect for you and a few close friends to visit, so it’s also a great way for you to easily follow social distancing guidelines.

Depending on where you go out west, you can find the perfect spot to kayak through the rapids of a national park, hike to a waterfall, or go on an outdoor adventure by hiking through some of the most beautiful mountains North America has to offer. If you’re from the East Coast, you at least know about the beauty of the Blue Ridge Parkway, but it is nothing compared to the grandeur of desert mountain views.

No matter what your destination is, make sure you follow CDC guidelines for social distancing. Considering how vast the wide open spaces are out west, you won’t have a problem doing that. Take that big leap for your birthday this year and plan the road trip you’ve always wanted to take.

Get the right outfit.


When you take that trip you’re going to want to have the right clothing that’s up for the task of road tripping. Make sure that your next purchase goes towards buying some nice, travel-worthy pants for your big trip. A few things you’ll want to consider treating yourself with are a nice jacket for those cold nights, ankle pants for both comfort and style, and some breezy shirts to layer underneath your jacket.

You may have a favorite store you want to shop at, but with the pandemic at hand you’re more likely going to have to shop online for your new clothing. Luckily, with online shopping you’ll be able to find amazing offers and the latest deals from the best clothing retailers with ease. These days shopping online will be the best place to find the latest offers on new products, and if you play your cards right you could even score free standard shipping on your latest clothing haul.

Shopping with online merchants can seem intimidating, especially if you don’t know how the clothing will fit your body. Luckily many online retailers offer free shipping, free returns, and refunds if your items do not fit you correctly. Make sure you plan your trip ahead of time and get the right clothes for the big adventure.

Save some money on brewskies.


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For the Taurus celebration of your birth, you’ve got to make sure that you’re considering your own needs. An earth sign loves themselves, yes, but they forget to take care of themselves from time to time. For your birthday this year, it’s more important to take care of you. You deserve a little self-care and a big getaway.