The Lasting Effects of Nursing Home Abuse on the Victim

Nursing home abuse is a serious problem that can have lasting effects on the victim. If you suspect that your loved one is being abused, it is important to take action immediately by contacting one of the best nursing home abuse lawyers Chicago professionals or a nursing home abuse attorney in your area. For now, keep reading to learn about the lasting effects of nursing home abuse and what you can do to help your loved one.


Nursing home abuse can lead to anxiety for the victim and their loved ones. It is a crime that can go undetected for years, and when it is finally uncovered, the emotional and physical toll it has taken on the victim can be devastating. There are a number of different types of abuse that can occur in a nursing home setting, but some of the most common are physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. Physical abuse can include slapping, hitting, pushing, or any other type of physical violence. Sexual abuse can include unwanted touching, rape, or sexual assault. Emotional abuse can include verbal attacks, humiliation, or intimidation. These types of abuse can leave the victim feeling scared, isolated, and alone. They may feel like they can’t trust anyone and that no one will believe them if they speak out. This can lead to a great deal of anxiety and even depression.

Financial Suffering


It is not uncommon for elderly individuals to be taken advantage of financially. Nursing home residents are especially vulnerable to financial abuse, as they may be isolated, have diminished mental capacity, or be reliant on their caretakers for basic needs like food and shelter. Nursing home staff may pressure residents into giving them money, buying them unnecessary items, or cashing their checks for them. In some cases, staff may even steal money or assets from residents. Financial abuse against the elderly can lead to significant financial suffering for nursing home residents. Residents may be unable to afford basic necessities like food and medication and may fall into debt or bankruptcy.

Social Isolation

Nursing home abuse can lead to isolation and a feeling of being alone. This is especially true if the abuser is a family member or someone the victim knows. The victim may feel like they can’t tell anyone what is happening and they may be too embarrassed or afraid to seek help. This can lead to a feeling of isolation and a lack of support.



Malnutrition is a common, long-term effect of elder abuse. The National Institute on Aging reports that malnutrition is all too present in nursing home clients. Elder abuse attorneys often see the effects of malnutrition in these cases. The most common causes of malnutrition in nursing home residents are inadequate food intake, poor absorption of nutrients, and increased energy needs. Many nursing home residents are not able to shop or cook for themselves, so they rely on the home’s kitchen to provide nutritionally balanced meals. Unfortunately, many nursing homes do not have adequate staffing or resources to provide residents with healthy meals.

Wrongful Death

Nursing home abuse can lead to wrongful death. In many cases, elder abuse in nursing homes is not reported until it is too late. Family members of nursing home residents should visit their loved ones often and look for signs of abuse, such as bruises, cuts, and welts. Nursing home residents should be treated with respect and dignity and should not be subjected to any type of abuse, including physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. If you believe that your loved one is the victim of elder abuse, you should contact an experienced lawyer who can help you protect your loved one’s rights and seek justice. An attorney can help you file a lawsuit against the nursing home and can help you obtain the compensation you deserve for the injuries your loved one has suffered.

The lasting effects of nursing home abuse on the victim can be summed up as having a detrimental impact on the victim’s quality of life, including having lasting effects on the victim’s physical health, mental health, and overall well-being. The abuse can also cause the victim to suffer financial losses and social isolation.