How Is Legion of Bloom Giving Back to the Planet?

Legion of Bloom is a part of the cannabis industry providing high-quality products to consumers across the United States. They strive for customer satisfaction and promise you will be pleased with all Legion products. Additionally, the company sets out to ensure that all customers get the best cannabis experience possible. Aside from high-quality products and customer service, however, Legion of Bloom is also prioritizing sustainability. Let’s look at some of the ways the company is giving back to the plant.

Environmental Stewardship Program


Legion of Bloom believes in helping to promote a healthier and more sustainable planet. Legion’s environmental stewardship program is focused on saving the monarch butterfly. There has been a drastic decline in the monarch butterfly population in many areas due to habitat loss, changing agricultural practices, climate change, pesticide exposure, and invasive species. The rapid decline of the monarch butterfly is leading to serious issues. Along with bees and other insects, the monarch is an important pollinator. Of the 1,400 crops grown worldwide, almost 80 percent require pollination. As populations of the monarch decline, healthy ecosystems and food chains are in danger.

The folks at Legion of Bloom are farmers first and cannabis cultivators second. As a result, they are working to protect these important pollinators. They have teamed up with the California Association of Resource Conservation Districts (CARCD) to help fund habitat restoration across California. A portion of their sales from the Monarch vape cartridges are donated to CARCD.

Aside from the program to save the monarch, Legion of Bloom is also working to help restore forest lands in California devastated by wildfires. They have partnered with One Tree Planted to contribute to the efforts to replant trees. Legion donates a portion of sales from their California Sauce Carts, California Sauce PAX Pods, and Legion Strain Specific PAX Pods products to support the replanting efforts.

Packaging Initiatives

To promote sustainability, Legion has made the commitment to be plastic-free with all of its vape packaging. They have introduced plastic-free packaging for the Monarch and California Sauce cartridge lines. The innovative design integrates a child-resistant mechanism into the box. This eliminates the need for plastic tubing and single-use plastic from their packaging. They work with a company called All Pack to produce stylish, sustainable packaging as a part of their mission to be good environmental stewards.

In addition to packaging, Legion has also moved to use more environmentally friendly marketing materials. They use Forest Stewardship Council certified paper and vegetable-based inks for all printed materials. They use the most environmentally and socially responsible paper and ink sources for their printed materials. These sustainable practices seek to have a lower impact on the planet.

Company Policies


Legion of Bloom is trying to protect the environment and create sustainable practices with all that they do. This includes environmentally friendly vape products and packaging, corporate donations, and company-wide policies. Through a partnership with Terracycle, all of the used nitrile gloves from the manufacturing, cultivation, and distribution operations are recycled. With this recycling program, all of Legion’s used gloves are turned into products like picnic tables and park benches that can last a long time.

Legion has also committed to using 100 percent recycled paper from toilet paper to document printing. For compliance reasons, the company has a lot of documents to print. To reduce their footprint, Legion only uses 100 percent post-consumer certified paper for document printing. Additionally, the company uses 100 percent recycled toilet paper in all offices and facilities.

In all of their offices and facilities, Legion has also instituted a company-wide paper, aluminum, and plastic recycling program. While this might seem like a basic step, there are many organizations throughout the USA that do not have an employee recycling program. With this program, they are expanding sustainability beyond corporate practices and bringing it to the many employees who work with them.