Help for Executives Looking To Reclaim Their Health

Being a business executive is a demanding job. Many may avoid or forget to do the things they need to do for optimum health because they are so focused on their careers and business achievements. However, nothing is more important than personal health and well-being. When health fails, so does everything else. Someone can only ignore health concerns for so long before they can no longer be ignored. As an executive, it is critical to maintaining physical health.

Here are some ways busy executives can reclaim their health.



Getting the right nutrition can be challenging when you are constantly running between meetings and smashing work goals. Taking supplements is ideal for executives who are too busy to eat three balanced meals and get 20 or more minutes of exercise daily. Taking ACV gummies can help you get needed vitamins and minerals while meeting a weight loss goal. Apple cider vinegar has long been used for its health benefits regarding digestion and blood sugar. Many may not realize it can also help with weight loss. If weight loss is not a concern, there are many other nutritional supplements that can help in other areas of health. A multivitamin can also help to ensure all the needed vitamins are ingested each day.

Addiction Recovery


It is not uncommon for people in executive positions to struggle with addiction to drugs or alcohol. While the stigma attached to addiction often excludes financially successful people, that is a massive misconception. Sometimes, the pressure to succeed is more than a person can handle on their own and they self-medicate. Getting help can be difficult when protecting a public or professional image. There are recovery facilities that offer what can be called an executive recovery program. These recovery programs understand the importance of discretion and cater to individuals who have high-achieving and public lives.



Mindfulness is a form of meditation found to help focus, production, achievement, lower blood pressure, and other physical health benefits. Medical clinics across the country utilize it, and professionals like Jon Kabat-Zinn have spearheaded the use of mindfulness for stress reduction. Mindfulness involves learning to experience each moment without judgment instead of being constantly focused on the past or the future. It means single-tasking and focusing on each activity as you do it instead of trying to get several things done at once while being distracted during each of them.



While most professionals may be too busy to hit the gym every day, it is essential to work physical activity into the schedule. Being sedentary can take a negative toll on the body. Not only is it more likely to lead to weight gain, but it also causes problems with the muscles and joints, as they are not getting the action they need to function correctly. When it comes to physical activity, it can be something small like going for a walk or something fun like playing tennis or basketball in the driveway. While it can be as complex as going to the gym or training for an obstacle race, it can also be simple. Find something you enjoy doing so you’re more likely to look forward to doing it.

While all of these activities combined benefit a busy executive, finding ways to make small changes can lead to big differences. For example, getting help with an addiction issue will make a significant difference in all other areas of life. Adding small amounts of activity like walking the dog once a day or taking the stairs instead of the elevator can lead to greater changes. Starting with a 10-minute daily meditation can grow into applying mindfulness to all areas of life.