Are You the Best Husband You Can Be?

For some men, being a fantastic husband comes naturally. Whether it’s that they watched their own fathers have healthy relationships or are naturally inclined to be good communicators, these men are supportive, considerate, and empathetic with their partners. For other men, being a great husband takes extra effort, research, and a little more work. No matter what kind of man you are, if you’re looking for ways to be a better husband, you’re already close. For ways that you can be even better, read on.

Giving Gifts


Very few women would turn down a husband’s efforts to spoil her. While you should never use gifts or money to make her forgive you or let you off the hook for something, it’s never a bad idea to show her you care with a special gift from time to time. The same way you brought her flowers when you were first dating, there are physical tokens of love you can offer at any point during your marriage just to show her how much you still care.

Women’s luxury watches are a fantastic gift idea for any occasion. Whether it’s her birthday, your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or simply because she can’t ever seem to find her favorite timepiece, buying her a new Rolex or white gold watch that matches her wedding band will certainly get you points in the fantastic husband department. If she already has a luxury watch collection, consider having your next Rolex purchase engraved, or match a Rolex to the jewelry she already owns. Giving the next watch she adds to her collection will make it more personal and remind her of your sense of connection to what she’s interested in.

Spending Quality Time Together


Better than any physical gift you could ever give is paying attention during conversations. Personal relationships require physical contact, an authentic connection, and those social skills we don’t often practice on social media. If you want better marital satisfaction, one way to be a better husband is to make eye contact when having conversations. Avoid any major distraction, like checking social media on a cell phone, when spending quality time with your spouse.

In today’s day and age, many people sadly suffer from internet addiction. An addiction that can creep up on the most well-intentioned of us, can lead to phubbing and ignoring our partner. While some will wonder run to Google to search ‘what is phubbing‘ and others will just put the phone down, your own human behavior should tell you if you’re a phubber or not. If you’re guilty of this the way many of us are and checking your email address for inbox messages is an hourly event, rethink your human interaction with your partner. While phone snubbing can be tempting and even innocent, the damage it will do to your relationship with your life partner just isn’t worth it. Put the cell phone down and find ways to unplug from social media.

Communicating and Listening


Being the best husband you can be could be as simple as listening to her. By communicating effectively and being open-minded to her ideas, feeling, and dreams, you’ll give her not only a sense of empowerment but freedom, too. When talking to your life partner, be in the moment and open-minded about where she hopes life will take you both, too. At the same time, communicate your hopes, fears, dreams, and feelings, and she’ll likely thank you for your openness.

At the end of the day, the key to being a great husband is to be committed to doing your best in your relationship every day. Going the extra mile to listen or support when you’re tired and really just want to go to sleep is an example of how you can choose to be a better partner. Making dedicated time for your partner, communicating effectively, and spoiling them won’t hurt either. Continue to stay dedicated to doing your best in the relationship and expect the same in return. This will give you the best chance at a happier future.