A Guide to Preparing Your Home for Allergies

Our furry friends are a part of the family, and spring is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. However, people with allergies beg to differ. The number of allergens that come with owning the former and going through the latter can be discouraging. Nonetheless, there are many other ways to face your allergies and allow yourself to enjoy your pets, springtime, and any other allergens you might encounter.

Here are some ways to prepare your house for allergies.

Regularly maintain your air conditioner and furnace.


Firstly, if you have an HVAC system, you must keep it regularly maintained. You may not know it, but there are several benefits associated with ductwork cleaning—the first one being the decrease of pollutants and allergens inside your home. It also increases the indoor air quality by removing pollen, dust particles, viruses, pet dander, and foul smells from your home. A proper air duct cleaning service will make allergy season a thing of the past.

Keep your bedroom clean.

Additionally, you’ll want to keep your rooms clean. You may already know how to do this, but in case you need a refresher, here’s a couple of ways you can do it:

  • dusting
  • vacuuming
  • mopping
  • washing bedding
  • washing curtains
  • cleaning fan
  • cleaning AC vents

There are many other ideas to clean your room, but you may want to use natural ingredients if you suffer from allergies.

Replace carpets with hardwood flooring.


You can also replace your carpeted floor with hardwood. This can be an extensive renovation project, and so you may need financial assistance to get the job done. By Googling “private money lenders near me,” you’ll find dozens of lenders that offer bridge loans or short-term loans for real estate transactions. One of the best lenders you’ll fin during that search is Pacific Private Money Inc. They offer clients different types of loans such as commercial, construction, refinance, or rehab. Their loan terms can be as short as six months or as long as 30 years and can help cover your renovation costs for a flooring project.

Eliminate mold from windows frames.

Moreover, you’ll want to keep your windows clean, dry, and free of mold. You can do this by giving regular maintenance to your windows with a wet cloth and soap. You’ll also want to prevent leaks by adding caulk to the window edges. You can also clean condensation whenever you see it present in your windows to prevent the mold from settling in your home. Allowing sunlight to enter your home will help get rid of humidity as well as mold.

Declutter your home.


Decluttering your house means throwing out all the things that are accumulating dust. This can be anything like bookcases, shelves, rugs, and even your closet. You will want to wipe down any areas collecting dust and debris to prevent getting affected by the allergens. Your pets will also benefit from this cleaning as they too can get the sniffles. Pets that lie on the ground, under your bed, or on a rug can cause you to develop allergic symptoms like teary eyes, sneezing, and nasal discharges.

Keep animals out of your bedroom.

Lastly, you want to keep your furry friends like cats and dogs to stay out of your bedroom. Pet dander can trigger allergies in you as well as or your other pets. Creating rules for your pets not to enter your room and assigning them a spot in the house to sleep on can be beneficial to everyone in your household.

Your allergic body doesn’t need to suffer from common allergens in your own home; you can take control of them today.