5 Relaxation Ideas for People Living in the City

If you live in a big city, it’s easy to feel like everything is fast-paced all the time. The anxiety that can come with never giving yourself a break isn’t just stressful, it’s unhealthy. Still, it might seem hard to find a peaceful way to relax when you’re in an urban environment. You don’t have to give up on big cities though, there are plenty of ways to de-stress and enjoy yourself without picking up and heading for the suburbs. The reality is that no matter where you live, there’s likely to be plenty that you haven’t had a chance to explore yet. Even if you do know the entire city by now, that doesn’t mean it’s not nice to treat yourself every once in a while. If you need some self-care remedies so you can focus on your wellness and reduce your stress, read on for five perfect relaxation ideas for people living in the city.

1. Enjoy a day at home.


Relaxation doesn’t have to mean going out and spending money. Plan a day of nothing but your favorite activities where you can really veg out and chill. Pick out some movies or find a TV show you want to binge, pick up a video game you’re dying to play, or grab some new books to read. Order your favorite takeout, or make your ultimate comfort food, and relax.

A CBD product can be a nice after-dinner treat to help you unwind and relax at the end of the night. Root of it All is one company that offers high-quality, all-natural CBD-infused Ayurvedic oil for purchase. If you have trouble sleeping, many users say this essential oil helps with insomnia, so you can get a head start on making sure you get a good night’s sleep. While medical studies about CBD’s efficacy for various conditions are ongoing, the FDA has already approved its first CBD-based medication for treating certain seizure disorders. The great thing about CBD products like the essential oils from brands like Root of it All is they’re easy to use and accessible for anyone. With vegan, allergy-friendly, and gluten-free products, there’s something for anyone to try regardless of dietary needs. Different products are designed to help with different everyday conditions, so look into the specifics and ingredients of each type of essential oil, tincture, balm, or other CBD product before you purchase one that you’re hoping to try.

2. Take a tour.


No matter how long you’ve lived in your city, you probably haven’t seen it all. Walking tours can be a great way to see the sights and get some exercise too. You can stick to famous sights you may not have ever take the time to see, or you can plan a route on your own and look to discover more in a neighborhood you don’t usually get a chance to visit. Depending on where you live, your options will vary, but most big cities have at least one or two different ways you can explore. On a traditional walking tour, you’ll have a tour guide who can lead you through the major sites and sounds of the area. No matter how long you’ve lived somewhere, sometimes it’s impossible not to miss things unless you take some time to see the city through someone else’s eyes.

3. Treat yourself to a beauty day.


Get your hair done and visit a makeup salon for a fun new look. There’s nothing better than letting yourself be pampered and taken care of by other people for a few hours, especially when you’re feeling stressed. Depending on what you need, you can spend the whole day getting a cut, color, and even a massage, or you can pick one or two treatments to focus on. If your goal is to relax and destress, think about sticking with a simple cut or color rather than trying something really daring. While a full makeover can be fun, a lot of the time big changes can produce anxiety, and that’s not the best way to spend a day that’s supposed to be about relaxation. You might not realize it, but the difference between you experimenting in your bathroom and a professional makeup artist with years of experience is pretty significant, and a stylist can help you find the perfect cut to accentuate your natural beauty.

4. Do some outdoor exercise.


Even if you like working out, it can still get boring seeing the same gym every day, or doing the same things around your house. Find a scenic part of town, maybe a park where you can do yoga or an area with beautiful architecture that you can jog or walk around in, and try getting fit with a change of scenery. Exercise might seem like “work”, but the truth is that the chemicals released by exercising produce both happiness and promote relaxation. Not only can a good workout be a natural formula for boosting your mood, but there’s also nothing that beats the sense of accomplishment that comes along with conquering a tough new workout. Looking good starts with feeling good, and taking care of yourself and staying active is a great way to keep yourself feeling good.

5. Try a new restaurant.


It’s easy to fall into the same habits when it comes to food. Whether you’re the type of person who sticks to the same take-out order every day, or you’re starting to get tired of cooking the same things with the same ingredients, treat yourself to something completely new. Even if you’ve lived somewhere for years, the odds that you’ve experimented with every kind of cuisine in the area are slim. In a big city, it’s typical to be able to find hundreds of different styles of cuisine from all over the world, so skip your go-to joints and try something a little more exciting. Don’t be afraid to scour discount websites like Groupon for deals on new places in your area, since oftentimes newer restaurants will offer great prices to get their business up and running. You can’t beat being one of the first people to try out a hot new restaurant and saving a little money while you do it. Taking home leftovers will give you a day or two off from cooking too, which certainly makes it a little easier to relax.

No matter where you live, there are always relaxing activities you can enjoy when you start to feel stressed, and big cities are no exception. You don’t need to “escape to the country” to find some peace and quiet or to escape from whatever is giving you anxiety. Whether it’s getting to know your city better with a walking tour or some exercise, having a “treat yourself” day with some beauty treatments, or just creating the perfect “staycation” to enjoy without leaving the apartment, there’s no reason not to find ways to distress without needing to head out of town.

Make sure you take time every day, even if it’s just an hour or so, to check in with your mind and body and try to head off stress before it gets too overwhelming. It’s easier to care for yourself a little bit every day than to let yourself burn out and try to recover after you’ve already put yourself through too much. The better you treat yourself, and the more time you make for relaxation in your day-to-day life, the better you’ll feel, and the more you’ll learn to love the city you call home.