4 Reasons Why People Take Medicinal Mushrooms

When thinking of the word “mushrooms,” what may come to mind is something tasty that you can put in a salad, something poisonous you would not want to eat in the wild, or, even further, something that makes you watch the walls wiggle. However, there is another mushroom that is taking center stage as of late: the medicinal mushroom. This little fungus has been around for thousands of years since 480 B.C. to be a little more precise. These little snacks can offer a wide variety of health benefits, but some baby boomers out there may only think of medicinal mushrooms as things that were taken during Woodstock. We’re here to change that incorrect notion with four reasons why people take medicinal mushrooms.

1. They’re rich in nutrients.


Since the dawn of life, all living beings have relied on the gifts of nature in order to thrive and survive. Getting all of the nutrients needed should be as simple as eating the plants given to us by planet Earth. This is where medicinal mushrooms step in to save the day. Such mushrooms are rich in nutrients like proteins, complex carbohydrates, B vitamins, vitamin D, calcium, polysaccharides, and even iron. Most of them are extremely safe to take and work best when taken long-term, so adding them in rotation to your daily diet or supplement routine is encouraged for long-term results. Eons.com offers high-quality medicinal mushrooms that may improve your life.

2. They fight inflammation.


Inflammation in the body can lead to an array of diseases, and many nutritionists and doctors state that calming inflammation is one of the leading ways to live a healthier lifestyle. Mushrooms like reishi, lion’s mane, maitake, and shitake are known to help reduce inflammation in the body. Some doctors even prescribe shitake mushrooms for patients who have stomach cancer. It is important to note that if you’re hoping to live a healthier lifestyle by adding in some mushrooms but still reaching for pizza and soda every evening for lunch, you’re not going to see much improvement.

These types of supplements are to be seen as an added bonus to an already active and healthy lifestyle. Try living by the 80/20 rule where 80 percent of the time your diet is healthy and active and the other 20 percent you can allow yourself to live as wildly as you’d like, french fries and all.

3. They may help your brain function more efficiently.


Are you looking for something to help keep you focused? Mushrooms may be just the answer for you. Studies done in mice in labs lead some scientists to believe that the metabolites in mushrooms improve recovery and function in damaged neural cells and have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Experts in the medicinal mushroom field suggest specifically using lion’s mane if you’re looking for brain improvement, and some have even touted the antianxiety and antidepressant abilities of this specific mushroom.

4. They can be a replacement for pre-workout supplements.


If you’re a self-proclaimed gym rat, you may always be looking for the best kind of pre-workout supplement. Rather than filling your smoothie with caffeine-packed powder, instead, look into cordyceps. Believed to boost stamina and decrease recovery time after workouts, this supplement is known to enhance blood flow and help the body utilize oxygen more efficiently, which is a workout lover’s dream. Some have even noted an improved sleep schedule allowing for more energy in the mornings due to a full night’s sleep.

Medicinal mushrooms are a great addition to a healthy and active lifestyle, offering many positive benefits leading to greater overall happiness. Always consult a doctor before incorporating supplements into your diet to ensure safety.