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Family Worship
in Church History

How important were family devotions?




Today's Predestination Paranoia is Unwarranted

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Taking a Few Days Off - See You Next Week



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"Observation shows that families which have no household worship
are at a low ebb in spiritual things. Families where it is performed
in a cold, sluggish, negligent, or hurried way, are little affected by it. Families where God is worshipped, every morning and evening,
by everyone in the house in a solemn and affectionate service are
blessed with increase of piety and happiness."   --J.W. Alexander

Blog: OldTruth.com :Today's Predestination Paranoia is Unwarranted

13 April, 2007   comments: (0) Classic Family  

Do Your Best While Your Children Are Young   William Gurnall

You also fail yourselves by leaving your children in a state of ignorance, for you heap upon yourselves the consequences of their sins as well as your own. When a child breaks one of God's commandments, it is his sin; but it is also the father's if he never taught the child what the commandment of God was. Wicked children become heavy crosses to their parents. When a father or mother must trace the source of wickedness to his or her neglect in training the child, cross is laid upon cross and the load becomes unbearable. Can there be a greater heartache in this life than to see your own child running full speed towards hell, and know that you were the one who outfitted him for the race? Oh, do your best while they are young and in your constant care, to win them to God and set them on the road to heaven. ... [Read More!]

10 March, 2007   Classic Family  


The Puritan bible commentator Matthew Henry had this to say about family worship: "Let me therefore with all earnestness press it upon you to make the solemn reading of the scripture a part of your daily worship in your families. When you speak to God by prayer, be willing to hear him speak to you in his word, that there may be a complete communion between you and God. This will add much to the solemnity of your family-worship". Continue reading on what I often imagine as being Old Truth's "twin blog", and insofar as that is a fitting description, the one you are about to visit is the smarter and better looking of the twins in my opinion. I've just learned that the owner is going to stop blogging; I'm very sorry to hear that. It would be worth your time to have a look around at some of the past postings on this site however. ... [Read Link]

21 February, 2007   Classic Family  


Here's a test that hardly anyone will agree to the same set of answers on. It demonstrates the complex world that our kids are growing up in. Which of the following actions are sinful? a. telling a lie, b. shooting an intruder in your home, c. performing an abortion of convenience, d. showing disrespect to your neighbor's gay lifestyle, e. driving an SUV, f. smoking a cigarette, g. spending Sunday afternoon and evening at the ballpark, h. cheating on your taxes. - In this post, Tom Chantry explains the value of a centuries old method of helping kids know right from wrong. This kicks off a series of Chantry posts; tomorrow Walter Chantry (Tom's father) will show us how an 'awakening' was measured in times of revival, from his book - Signs of The Apostles. ... [Read Link]

30 November, 2006   comments: (0) Classic Family  

Family Worship DVD Returns You To The Old Paths

In 1766, Issac Baccus wrote of a problem in his time that is also a deficiency in our time: "New England has formerly been a place famous for true religion in general, and for family worship in particular. But as of late, the neglect of this, as well as other religious duties, has evidently been growing upon us, which has caused much grief to pious souls. But I have not heard that any discourse has been published upon this subject here these many years, as there have lately been numbers remarkably awakened in some parts of the land, who were trained up in the neglect of family prayer, and who are still at a loss about the scriptural authority for daily practice thereof." A few years ago, I was in the same spot, not knowing what or how to lead family devotions. If that describes you, here's a resource that can help. ... [Read More!]

28 May, 2006   comments: (0) Classic Family  

R.M. M'Cheyne on Governing Your Family

If you do not worship God in your family, you are living in positive sin; you may be quite sure you do not care for the souls of your family. If you neglected to spread a meal for your children to eat, would it not be said that you did not care for their bodies? And if you do not lead your children and servants to the green pastures of God's Word, and to seek the living water, how plain is it that you do not care for their souls! ... [Read More!]

19 October, 2005   comments: (0) Classic Family  

The Duty Of Parents To Children

From the 17th Century pastor and author John Bunyan:
If you are a parent, a father, or a mother, then you are to consider your calling under this relation. Your children have souls, and they must be born of God as well as of you, or they perish. And know also, that unless you be very circumspect in your behavior to and before them, they may perish through you: the thoughts of which should provoke you, both to instruct, and also to correct them. ... [Read More!]

18 October, 2005   comments: (0) Classic Family  

A Father's Role in Family Worship

There is no member of a household whose individual piety is of such importance to all the rest, as the father or head. And there is no one whose soul is so directly influenced by the exercise of domestic worship. Where the head of a family is lukewarm or worldly, he will send the chill through the whole house. ... [Read More!]

2 October, 2005   comments: (0) Classic Family  

A Father's Duty to His Family

In the 17th Century, John Bunyan wrote the bestselling book of all time (after the bible) - Pilgrim's Progress. More than an author, Bunyan was a popular preacher who was imprisoned for not conforming to the King of England's church dictates. When offered his freedom in exchange for not preaching, Bunyan said he would rather remain in prison until moss grew on his eyelids than fail to do what God commanded. John Bunyan was a devoted family man, and what follows are his instructions to fathers. ... [Read More!]

16 September, 2005   comments: (0) Classic Family  

Avoiding Dissension in the Home

After almost 400 years, this 'old truth' for Christian marriages is still relevant today. From Richard Baxter: It is a great duty of husbands and wives to live in quietness and peace, and avoid all occasions of wrath and discord. Because this is a duty of so great importance, I shall first open to you the great necessity of it, and then give you more particular directions to perform it. ... [Read More!]

17 August, 2005   comments: (0) Classic Family  

Christian Homelife Exemplified, 300 Years Ago

One of the most inspiring stories of Christianity being lived-out in the home, is told by . In her presentation entitled "Sarah Edwards: Jonathan's Home and Haven", we are introduced to the homelife of one of America's most noteworthy pastors and theologians.

During the era of the 18th century , George Whitefield had the opportunity to stay in the Edwards home. Afterwards, Whitefield wrote: "Felt wonderful satisfaction in being at the house of Mr. Edwards. He is a Son himself, and hath also a Daughter of Abraham for his wife. A sweeter couple I have not yet seen. Their children were ... [Read More!]

4 August, 2005   comments: (0) Classic Family  

Spurgeon On Prayer And The Family:

Keep the altar of private prayer burning. This is the very life of all piety. The sanctuary and family altars borrow their fires here, therefore let this burn well. Secret devotion is the very essence, evidence, and barometer, of vital and experimental religion.

Burn here the fat of your sacrifices. Let your closet seasons be, if possible, regular, frequent, and undisturbed. Effectual prayer availeth much.
... [Read More!]



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