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Today's Predestination Paranoia is Unwarranted

Manipulated 'Decisions' Lead To Gospel-Hardening

The Benefits of Not Ignoring Election in Your Bible

Am I Guilty of Reformed Popery and should Christians Go To Church? A response to Lee.

New Health Concerns for Jim

False Doctrine Worse Than Division

Following DeWaay Out of Purpose Driven'ism

"They're Aware of Their Sin, Why Beat Them Up?"

Taking a Few Days Off - See You Next Week



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Thus says the Lord: "Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls.
But they said, 'We will not walk in it.'" --Jeremiah 6:16


Blog: OldTruth.com :Today's Predestination Paranoia is Unwarranted

4 June, 2008   comments: (0) Changed Message  

"They're Aware of Their Sin, Why Beat Them Up?"

That sounds reasonable, doesn't it? I mean, after all -
who would honestly say that they've never sinned?
Probably nobody. And since unbelievers already feel guilty enough over they're past mistakes, then it goes without saying that we should spend the vast majority of our time preaching a positive message of Good News to them, rather than dwelling on the negatives. In this post, we'll actually go inside of a prison and test-out this theory on convicted felons. If anybody ought to understand their own guilt and sinfulness, it would be real/live rapists, murders, and thieves, right?
Warning: Understanding the things in this video could
challenge your entire view of 'relevance' in evangelism. ... [Read More!]

29 April, 2008   comments: (0) Changed Message  

Pastors, is Your Preaching Wimpy?   James White

When Paul spoke to the Ephesian elders in his final meeting with them, he said these words: "Therefore, I testify to you this day that I am innocent of the blood of all men. For I did not shrink from declaring to you the whole purpose of God." (Acts 20:26-27) The true preacher of the Word seeks to have this as his ambition as well. God is not honored when men think so little of Him and so highly of themselves that they edit the content of the proclamation for the fear of the face of men and so that they may be considered "successful" in some worldly sense. It is a fearful thing to be unfaithful to the task of preaching "the whole counsel of God." Keeping this in mind, I would like to point out the fact that there are religious hypocrites in the church. There were even in the days of Paul, as he names some by name. But today one looks for the true believer as the oddity in evangelical churches filled with unregenerate men and women who have been fooled into thinking you can shake a man's hand, say some magical words that are not joined with any kind of repentance or understanding of the gospel itself, and you have your "ticket punched" and you are on your way to heaven. ... [Read More!]

28 January, 2008   Changed Message  


The same old truths of Christianity, but presented in a relevant up to date way! That's how today's trendy churches explain their emphasis on creativity and 'relevance'. But are they really preaching the same old truths, the same message as yesteryear? My friend Chris over at A Little Leaven handles that question by examining a common theme that we hear in today's churches. He gives the example of a church kicking-off a new sermon series based on the reality TV shows: Fear Factor, Dancing With the Stars, The Amazing Race, and the Biggest Loser. Chris provides a short video clip of the pastor preaching something other than biblical Christianity:

"You were born with purpose everybody. I want you to know that. You we're born with a God-sized dream for your life. The Bible says in Ephesians chpt 2 v10, "that you are God's workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works which he prepared you in advance to do." You need to know that because some of you today may think "Man, I don't have a dream. I don't have a vision. There's nothing big that God has for me." I just want you to know there is. And probably the reason that your feeling that there isn't is because you're living in real life. And real life problems or real life issues or real life circumstances seem to weigh down the God-sized dreams and purposes he meant for us to have. We're going to talk about that in this series. And I want you to know that you are awesome and God made you for greatness and we want to help you overcome your fear and the stumbling blocks and the things of life that keep holding you back."
... [Read Link]

23 January, 2008 - by Chad   comments: (0) Changed Message  

Innovating Doctrine: The Pop-Incarnate Christ

There's a video clip that Jim has put online which speaks of the church today having "boundless credulity", in other words - they'll believe virtually anything, anything but the truth. Right before our eyes we see the fulfillment of 2 Tim 4:3 for they will not endure sound doctrine. This is borne out in the fact that a broad cross section of many of today's innovative church leaders are lining up to get their hands on a soon to be released book that is already known to have false teaching in it. The author himself has been using his blog to post the names and remarks of the pastors who have been given an advance copy of the book, and are quick to report-in with reviews. Boundless credulity, yes, that seems to describe shepherds who have been biblically tasked to maintain sound doctrine, and yet exhibit little concern with an author who has been influenced by dubious Roman Catholic missiology. Namely, a concept called inculturation which the last pope described as the incarnation of the Gospel in native cultures. As if that definition was not it's own can of worms, the author in this case seems to be taking that teaching to another level, that of Christ Himself being incarnate in the popular culture of our day. We are told that we simply need to look for Him there - and we will be changed from the inside out. ... [Read More!]

20 January, 2008   comments: (0) Changed Message  

American Christianity: Like Easy-Listening 'Muzak'   White Horse Inn

I meet a lot of people who drive two hours each Sunday just to find a church that proclaims Christ from the Scriptures. I grew up hearing people saying they left their mainline protestant or Roman Catholic churches because they never heard the Gospel, and now I hear them say they left evangelicalism for the same reason. Most Americans believe in God, affirm in some sense that Jesus Christ is divine, and that the Bible is the Word of God. 86% of American adults describe their religious orientation as Christian, while only 6% describe themselves as atheist or agnostic. Judging by it's commercial, political, and media success, the evangelical movement seems to be booming. But is it still Christian? I'm not asking that question glibly or simply to provoke a reaction. My concern is that we're getting dangerously close in everyday American church life where the Bible is mined for quotes but largely irrelevant, God is used as a personal resource rather than known, worshiped, and trusted. Jesus Christ is a coach with a good game plan for our victory rather than a savior who already achieved it for us. Salvation is more of a matter of having our best life now, than being saved from God's judgment by God Himself, and the Holy Spirit is an electrical outlet that we can plug into for the power we need to be all we can be. ... [Read More!]

11 October, 2007   comments: (0) Changed Message  

Today's Trendy Sermons Often Lack Repentance   Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The preaching and teaching of a false prophet does not emphasize repentance in any real sense. It has a very wide gate leading to salvation and a very broad way leading to heaven. You need not feel much of your own sinfulness; you need not be aware of the blackness of your own heart. You just "decide for Christ" and you rush in with the crowd, and your name is put down, and is one of the large number of 'decisions' reported by the press. It is entirely unlike the evangelism of the Puritans and of John Wesley, George Whitefield and others, which led men to be terrified of the judgment of God, and to have an agony of soul sometimes for days and weeks and months. John Bunyan tells us in his book Grace Abounding that he endured an agony of repentance for eighteen months. There does not seem to be much room for that today. ... [Read More!]

24 September, 2007   comments: (0) Changed Message  

Ministry Integrity, Dignity, and Soundness   James White

[We can] by the means we use to proclaim the gospel, alter it and in fact empty the cross of its power, making it void. If we use worldly words of wisdom - human methodologies that prove we really do not trust God's Spirit to make God's message come alive in the hearts of His people - we may see "results" but they will not be abiding results to the glory of God. They will be man-made, and the resultant church anything but divinely blessed. An impure Gospel results in impure saints at best, or pure hypocrites at worst. Today the emphasis is upon the "end result" and being "user friendly." The fact that men of God are called to be His ambassadors and to proclaim His message without diminishment or alteration has been lost to a large portion of those who stand behind pulpits today. ... [Read More!]

15 August, 2007   Changed Message  


I don't often link to comments within other Old Truth posts,
but the sermon analysis that ended up occurring in the discussion section of yesterday's post provides another good example of the fact that yes - the message has changed. The 28 minute sermon (which you can download) was given by a church to both adults and children as a follow-up to their BMX stunt bike event for the community. Therefore the pastor tries to use that theme, with crash terminology like 'slam' and 'wipe-out'. What's changed about the message content versus the old Gospel, is the missing biblical emphasis on what exactly God is saving you from. Yes sin and even repentance is mentioned, but then there are troubling things like this excerpt that repeat throughout the sermon: "Jesus slammed Himself against a tree so that he could wipe out our wipe-out's. So that he could get rid of all of those things in our life that bog us down. . . . the addictions and the struggles, and frustrations, and divorce, and the list of things in your mind that go on and on; and He did that for us". That however, is NOT the Gospel; Jesus didn't die to keep us from being "bogged down" by bad habits and problems. Scroll down to comment #20 on this page and read more... [Read More!]

7 August, 2007   comments: (0) Changed Message  

Today's Practical Christianity versus Yesterday's

A purpose-pastor recently blogged about his plan to assist the bible by packaging Romans 8 in a catchy sermon series called "iGod", which he says will make it "connect to life and create an opportunity to get someone's attention who we want to invite". He believes that he is just changing the wrapper that the age-old message comes in, but is NOT changing the message itself. Is that true? The pastor has given us a handy tool for examining that claim; it's a list of his sermons. Reflecting on his own sermons, he feels that he's done a good job providing a "balanced meal, hitting all the arenas of life as learned from the Bible: personal, family, small group, church, vocation, society, world". Let's compare his sermons to those of a time gone by, and see whether the same kind of food is still being served. ... [Read More!]

8 June, 2007   comments: (0) Changed Message  

The Depths of Sin: Does Anyone Still Preach This?   William Gurnall

Not only is man in arms against God, but God is against wicked man also. "God is angry with the wicked every day - He hath bent his bow and made it ready. He hath also prepared for him the instruments of death" (Psalm 7:11-13). God has set up His royal standard in defiance of all the sons and daughters of Adam, who are traitors to His crown. And He has taken the field as with fire and sword against everyone who rebels against His Word. God gives sufficient testimony of His wrath by revealing how He judges sinners--they are crushed to death by his righteous foot, a fate suited to their viperous master in sin. ... [Read More!]

10 April, 2007   comments: (0) Changed Message  

The Pulpit's Decline   James White

The authority that was once invested in the pulpit as the place where God's will was made known (not only for individuals but for the nation as a whole) wasted away in the collective conscience of most Western societies as more and more authority was transferred to secular sources and the individual. What this has meant for the preaching ministry cannot be underestimated. Not only does the world view the pulpit with suspicion, or even humor, but the church has very much lost a sense of the holy and the authoritative in the pulpit as well. ... [Read More!]

12 February, 2007   comments: (0) Changed Message  

Take The Megachurch Jumbotron Challenge

We've all seen those sports stadium jumbotron screens migrate inside of megachurch buildings where they are usually described as being not merely entertainment devices, but vital evangelistic tools. On them, you will often see Sunday morning clips from the hottest sitcoms, movies, comedy, and concerts; whatever is popular in the culture. Such churches are adamant in their claims that they are presenting the same old truths of the bible, but in a way that's attractive to a new generation, and are doing so without watering-down the message. But do these mega-claims really hold water? In this post, we'll look beyond the question of whether they are legitimate church tools, and instead we'll attempt to use these jumbo-devices as diagnostic indicators of the spiritual health of some of our largest churches. ... [Read More!]

19 September, 2006   comments: (0) Changed Message  

We Lack The Men and Message of Past Centuries   JC Ryle

We lack both the men and the message of the 18th century. No wonder if we do not see that century's results. Give us like-men and a like-message, and have no fear that the Holy Ghost would grant us like-results. Wherein do evangelical Churchmen fall short of their great predecessors in the 18th century? Let us look that question fairly in the face. ... [Read More!]

13 September, 2006   comments: (0) Changed Message  

Today's Gospel is Far From The NT Message   Walter Chantry

Can it be true that Christians are misleading the souls of men in regard to salvation? Is it really all that bad? Look at the evangelistic missions with all their gimmicks (I even heard a pastor say to a bunch of young people that if they could bring a certain number of kids out to Church, that he would swallow a goldfish in front of them . . . wacky but true). Examine all that you teach in the light of Jesus' thorough going Gospel and you will have to agree - the Church is far from the New Testament message. ... [Read More!]



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