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Today's Predestination Paranoia is Unwarranted

Manipulated 'Decisions' Lead To Gospel-Hardening

The Benefits of Not Ignoring Election in Your Bible

Am I Guilty of Reformed Popery and should Christians Go To Church? A response to Lee.

New Health Concerns for Jim

False Doctrine Worse Than Division

Following DeWaay Out of Purpose Driven'ism

"They're Aware of Their Sin, Why Beat Them Up?"

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"The most insidious opposition to the Gospel
has come from within worldly churches."
--- Iain Murray, Evangelicalism Divided

Blog: OldTruth.com :Today's Predestination Paranoia is Unwarranted

21 May, 2008   comments: (0) Today's Worldliness  

The Further From Worldly Conformity The Better   Charles Spurgeon

"Only ye shall not go very far away." Exodus 8:28 - This is a crafty word from the lip of the arch-tyrant Pharaoh. If the poor bondaged Israelites must needs go out of Egypt, then he bargains with them that it shall not be very far away; not too far for them to escape the terror of his arms, and the observation of his spies. After the same fashion, the world loves not the non-conformity of nonconformity, or the dissidence of dissent, it would have us be more charitable and not carry matters with too severe a hand. ... [Read More!]

1 May, 2008   comments: (0) Today's Worldliness  

Worldliness: The First Sign of Backslide   Joel Beeke

When the church begins to backslide, the first, outward and visible sign is usually an increase in worldliness. In the way of life, in talk, and even in dress and fashion, the spirit of the world begins to be found more and more in church circles. That which crept into the church ashamedly in former times, so to speak, begins to walk in freely, often covered and overlooked instead of exposed and admonished. The black and white line of separation between godliness and worldliness, between the world and the church, between those who fear God and those who fear Him not, becomes increasingly more gray. ... [Read More!]

25 June, 2007   comments: (0) Today's Worldliness  

"All Things To All Men" Never Meant "Be Worldly"   James White

"Whatever is pure". Here we enter into a portion of the secret to Christian contentment that could profitably be addressed by a book-length treatise. We live in a day where we literally wallow in impurity. You cannot drive down a street without seeing billboards that are filthy and impure. You check the distance to the car in front of you and it has a profane and disgusting bumper sticker. You turn on the radio to get news and you are assaulted by impure words and concepts. We are surrounded by that which is unholy and impure. And yet we are called to purity ourselves. John told us, "And everyone who has this hope fixed on Him purifies himself, just as He is pure" (1 John 3:3). Purity speaks to us of remaining unspotted by the world, holiness helps us to consider the separation, the "differentness" that should be ours. ... [Read More!]

10 June, 2007   comments: (0) Today's Worldliness  

Trading Holiness For The World's Favor   William Gurnall

When we lose man's love we gain God's blessing. "Blessed are you, when men say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my name sake" (Matthew 5:11). God's providence is a perfect roof over our heads to defend us from the storm of man's rage. But it is a different story when a saint is caught in sin and gives the ungodly opportunity to speak evil of him. Man reviles and God frowns. His Word does not open its shelter then to hide you from the assault of reviling tongues. But when the wicked hate you for your holiness, God is bound by promise to pay you love for their hatred and blessing for their cursing. Can we ever complain about man's disrespect when obedience and holiness advance us to a higher place in the King's favor? When we lose the world's love we gain its reverence and honor. ... [Read More!]

28 March, 2007   comments: (0) Today's Worldliness  

World, Christians Have Same Behavior Patterns   James Boice

"Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world." This sentence in Romans 12:2 has two key words: "world," which is actually "age" (aion, meaning, "this present age" in contrast to "the age to come"); and "do not conform," which is a compound having at its root the word "scheme." So the verse means, "Do not let the age in which you live force you into its scheme of thinking and behaving." The idea is that the world has its ways of thinking and doing things and is exerting pressure on Christians to conform to it. But instead of being conformed to the world, Christians are to be changed from within to be increasingly like Jesus Christ. The chief problem with the evangelical church is that we have been increasingly conformed to this world's patterns and that, if we are to see a new reformation, we will have to break away from these patterns and seek to recover the authentic biblical gospel, learning again to think and act in God's way. ... [Read More!]

27 March, 2007   comments: (0) Today's Worldliness  

Error Lures The Heart Away From Christ   William Gurnall

Why do so-called Christians forsake the pure wine of Gospel joy for the adulterated poison which the whore of the world smilingly holds out to them in her golden chalice? Is it because the message of the Gospel, which once sparkled in the preached Word, and furnished comfort to mourners, has now gone stale? Or has that stream of spiritual joy which has run through the lives of saints for so many generations, without mingling with the world's polluted pleasures, at last fallen into them and lost its divine nature? No, the Gospel stays the same... [Read More!]

20 February, 2007   comments: (0) Today's Worldliness  

Church Media Aims For Excellence, Hits Lameness

One of the responses to the video that I posted in the Megachurch Jumbotron Challenge, said:
"Many [megachurches] believe that God demands excellence in everything we do, not just slapping up a video that looks like it was made 5 years ago". But the question that I have is, "excellence" by who's standards? Could it be that a lot of these churches are a little too optimistic about the world's opinion of what is being shown on their big screens? ... [Read More!]

24 October, 2006   comments: (0) Today's Worldliness  

Marketing Churches Based on World-Appeal   James Boice

Not long ago I came across a newspaper story about a church that is trying to attract worshipers by imitating radio news programs that promise: "Give us twenty-two minutes, and we'll give you the world." Their 9:00 a.m. Sunday service is called "Express Worship," and the hook is that church-goers can come in and be out in twenty-two minutes. In one service described by the newspaper, the pastor began with a greeting and a short prayer, followed by a reading from Luke 7:1-10. He then asked the worshipers to write down their thoughts on what constitutes authority in their lives. Finally, they sang "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" and went out. The pastor described it as "a restructuring of the way we think of the service". Not one person delivering the truth to you, but a shared experience. ... [Read More!]

8 September, 2006   comments: (0) Today's Worldliness  

Iain Murray: Churches Converting To The World

According to church historian and author Iain Murray, apostasy generally arises in the church because the danger of worldliness ceases to be observed. The consequence is that spiritual warfare gives way to spiritual pacifism, and, in the same spirit, the church devises ways to present the gospel which will neutralize any offense. ... [Read More!]

27 June, 2006   Today's Worldliness  


Serving a synthetic savior is a snap; which is why the church growth movement exists today - to change your perception of God, His Son, His Word, His church and its mission - to make each of them more desirable and appealing to the flesh - resulting in, of course, expeditious church growth. You see, the flesh hates holiness and so do those who have dedicated their lives to making the church more like the world. Frankly, holiness is hard on the numbers. . . Instead of hating evil, as scripture commands, today's Christian is being taught just the opposite - to hate holiness - not in so many words, but by zealously ridding the church and its members of anything that represents or encourages fear, respect, reverence and awe toward the Almighty - going so far as to promote a casual, even cavalier attitude and atmosphere in and around church ... [Read Link]

19 April, 2006   comments: (0) Today's Worldliness  

Pastors and Worldliness -- Then versus Now

One of the reasons that worldliness is rampant in today's church, is the lowering of standards for pastors. These days anyone can start a church, even if they have no seminary training, minimal bible knowledge, and even if they exhibit questionable personal behavior. The required ingredients seem to be zeal and enough charisma to captivate a crowd. Here's a look at the worldly standards of some pastors today as compared to pastors of centuries-past. ... [Read More!]

27 February, 2006   Today's Worldliness  


Charles Spurgeon reminded us that "great attempts have been made to make the church receive the world, and wherever it has succeeded it has come to this result: the world has swallowed up the church. It must be so. The greater is sure to swamp the less. The theory seems to be, that it is well to have a broad gangway from the church to the world. If this is carried out, the result will be that the nominal church will use that gangway to go over to the world, but it will NOT be used in the other direction. . . . Did Christ ever say 'Try to make an alliance with the world, and in all things be conformed to its ways'? Nothing could have been further from our Lord's mind. Oh, that we could see more of holy separation; more dissent from ungodliness, more nonconformity to the world!" ... [Read Link]

21 January, 2006   Today's Worldliness  


Saddleback is transforming their worship center.
And what is the purpose that's driving this? It's a
"Hollywood Glitz and Glam" night. For $20-$30, singles might dress as their favorite TV or movie personality. Prizes for 'best-dressed' will put a premium on glamor, rather than reinforcing the biblical emphasis of inner beauty and modest apparel. No 'date' is required,
but a good pair of dancing shoes might come in handy. ... [Read Link]

19 January, 2006   comments: (0) Today's Worldliness  

Inside The Biblezines: A Look At Revolve - Part 2

Al Mohler is right, this is not your grandmother's New Testament, it's a response to the teen girls who say that regular bibles are just too "freaky looking". The problem with Revolve is not heresy or a denial of the Gospel.
But it is one of those issues that requires the church to use its critical judgment about what makes evangelistic methods (or formats for the Bible) appropriate or inappropriate. ... [Read More!]



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