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Today's Predestination Paranoia is Unwarranted

Manipulated 'Decisions' Lead To Gospel-Hardening

The Benefits of Not Ignoring Election in Your Bible

Am I Guilty of Reformed Popery and should Christians Go To Church? A response to Lee.

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False Doctrine Worse Than Division

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"They're Aware of Their Sin, Why Beat Them Up?"

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Thus says the Lord: "Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls.
But they said, 'We will not walk in it.'" --Jeremiah 6:16


Blog: OldTruth.com :Today's Predestination Paranoia is Unwarranted

27 September, 2006   comments: (0) Today's Worship  

Worship, Not Evangelism, The Most Important Task   Robert Reymond

To worship God - that is the primary reason why the Christian should go to church. In today's church climate this is a radical idea. Nevertheless, Christians should go to church, not to evangelize, not to provide a comfortable "consumer-friendly" setting for the unchurched, not even primarily for the benefit which fellowship with other Christians provides, and definitely not just for lectures and devotionals, but in order to worship God. Christians should also understand that evangelism and the missionary task are not the most important tasks the church has. ... [Read More!]

25 September, 2006   comments: (0) Classic Devotion  

Harsh, Narrow-Minded, and Bigoted   Charles Spurgeon

This generation has made a god of its own. The effeminate deity of the modern school is no more the true God than Dagon or Baal. I know him not, neither do I reverence him. But Jehovah is the true God: he is the God of love, but he is also robed in justice; he is the God of forgiveness, but he is also the God of atonement; he is the God of heaven, but he is also the God who sends the wicked down to hell. ... [Read More!]

24 September, 2006   comments: (0) Purpose Drivenism  

Non-Warren Christians Are "Picky, Fussy, & Dead"

From the Old Truth mailbag today: My Father was a pastor for 60 years and I attended a Christian college and was thus involved in countless Midwestern churches. Most of those churches were and are "dead on the Vine". I now live here in southern California and I attend Saddleback, WHAT A JOY! What a BLESSING! ... [Read More!]

22 September, 2006   comments: (0) Today's Worship  

Today's Worship Lacks Reverence   Hart & Muether

Reverence is not obviously attractive or appealing. It is hard and uncomfortable. It doesn't create a relaxed or welcoming atmosphere. Above all it is not celebrative as that word has come to be used. Reverent worship is not an effective way of persuading the world that that Christians are capable of having a good time. That is because the modern culture can not see God as frightening. So seeker-sensitive worship has replaced a consuming fire with an affirming and empowering God, one who accepts whatever we do. It has substituted the meeting of felt needs for the demands of His law. From this it follows that we no longer need a mediator. ______ ... [Read More!]

21 September, 2006   comments: (0) The Way I Slice It  

All Good Things Must Come To An End (some say)

After a year and over 500 postings, my time as a Contributor on the Slice of Laodicea blog has recently come to an end. Along with that change, will come some changes to Old Truth as well. Here's a look at what I have planned for the immediate future. ... [Read More!]

21 September, 2006   comments: (0) Unity At What Cost?  

Brothers?: Catholics, Anglicans, East Orthodox   Rick Warren

It really doesn't matter what your label is. If you love Jesus, we're on the same team . . . I really do feel that these people are brothers and sisters in God's family. I am looking to build bridges with the [Eastern] Orthodox Church, looking to build bridges with the Catholic Church, with the Anglican church ... [Read More!]

20 September, 2006   comments: (0) Church History  

The Pope Who Made Purgatory Popular

I recently made a book exchange deal with a Roman Catholic, in which we agreed to read a book of each other's choosing. I was willing to do so, because I thought it would be an opportunity to have a captive audience for the Gospel. The book that I got stuck with left me a little hot under the collar however, with it's seemingly endless discussion of purgatory; just enduring through the reading of it felt a little like being there myself! Here are my final thoughts on the book exchange deal, as well as some interesting history of how purgatory became popular in the west. ... [Read More!]

19 September, 2006   comments: (0) Changed Message  

We Lack The Men and Message of Past Centuries   JC Ryle

We lack both the men and the message of the 18th century. No wonder if we do not see that century's results. Give us like-men and a like-message, and have no fear that the Holy Ghost would grant us like-results. Wherein do evangelical Churchmen fall short of their great predecessors in the 18th century? Let us look that question fairly in the face. ... [Read More!]

17 September, 2006   comments: (0) Unity At What Cost?  

Statements of Faith: "How Low Can They Go?"

Even someone taking a first glance at the bible is sure to come away with the impression that "beliefs" really matter.
The Reformers, Puritans, and early church creed writers understood how wrong-beliefs can have catastrophic consequences, both now and for eternity. Why then is such a low emphasis placed on beliefs today? The belief statements of the most popular churches seem to bending over backwards to tell us that a low emphasis is somehow advantageous. But after examining more than a few of these belief statements, I'm left asking "how low can you go?" Here's your chance to help answer that question. ... [Read More!]

15 September, 2006   comments: (0) Audio Clips  

Short Belief Statements Do More Harm Than Good    Listen

When a church clearly spells out what they believe, in substantial enough detail where someone who reads their statement of faith can determine from it - what that church actually believes on the key issues and doctrines of Christianity - that serves to promote true unity, not destroy it. Because true unity is not a matter of agreeing to disagree; true unity is when everyone clearly and definitively defines their terms, and everyone knows what the other parties truly believe, and yet everyone still agrees. And so they are truly like minded; that's real genuine unity. But what happens when a church decides to be purposely vague and generic in their statements of faith? ... [Play/Download MP3]

13 September, 2006   comments: (0) Changed Message  

Today's Gospel is Far From The NT Message   Walter Chantry

Can it be true that Christians are misleading the souls of men in regard to salvation? Is it really all that bad? Look at the evangelistic missions with all their gimmicks (I even heard a pastor say to a bunch of young people that if they could bring a certain number of kids out to Church, that he would swallow a goldfish in front of them . . . wacky but true). Examine all that you teach in the light of Jesus' thorough going Gospel and you will have to agree - the Church is far from the New Testament message. ... [Read More!]

12 September, 2006   comments: (0) Today's Pragmatism  

Market Driven Church vs. The Apostle Paul - Part 2

God told Jeremiah, "An appalling and horrible thing has happened in the land: The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests rule on their own authority; and My people love it so!". Is there a lesson to be learned about the dangers of "judging by popularity" in that passage? We must look beyond what is popular with man and judge churches, trends, and new movements according to the standards of success outlined in the bible. Paul's letters to Timothy are key. ... [Read More!]

11 September, 2006   comments: (0) Today's Pragmatism  

Market Driven Church vs. The Apostle Paul - Part 1

The two epistles from Paul to Timothy outline a ministry philosophy that challenges the prevailing wisdom of today. Nothing in these pastoral instructions hints at a market-driven philosophy. In fact, most of Paul's pastoral instructions are impossible to harmonize with the theories that are so popular today. Shouldn't 1st and 2nd Timothy still be a guide to pastors even in today's culture?... [Read More!]

8 September, 2006   comments: (0) Today's Worldliness  

Iain Murray: Churches Converting To The World

According to church historian and author Iain Murray, apostasy generally arises in the church because the danger of worldliness ceases to be observed. The consequence is that spiritual warfare gives way to spiritual pacifism, and, in the same spirit, the church devises ways to present the gospel which will neutralize any offense. ... [Read More!]



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