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Today's Predestination Paranoia is Unwarranted

Manipulated 'Decisions' Lead To Gospel-Hardening

The Benefits of Not Ignoring Election in Your Bible

Am I Guilty of Reformed Popery and should Christians Go To Church? A response to Lee.

New Health Concerns for Jim

False Doctrine Worse Than Division

Following DeWaay Out of Purpose Driven'ism

"They're Aware of Their Sin, Why Beat Them Up?"

Taking a Few Days Off - See You Next Week



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Thus says the Lord: "Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls.
But they said, 'We will not walk in it.'" --Jeremiah 6:16


Blog: OldTruth.com :Today's Predestination Paranoia is Unwarranted

28 June, 2006   comments: (0) Audio Clips  

Accurate Biblical Interpretation is Hard Work    Listen

In this 4 minute audio clip, John MacArthur says:
It escapes some people, that you can't explain the meaning of the scripture, if you don't study the scripture. Approaching the Bible is not some 'mystical' kind of event. It is just plain hard work! I've had young men say to me through the years - "What's the secret to your Bible teaching?" And I will tell them this invariably: the secret to really good Bible teaching is the ability to keep your rear end in a chair until you understand what it means! "Oh, that's not very mystical. It's not very spiritual." No, it's hard work. ... [Play/Download MP3]

27 June, 2006   Today's Worldliness  


Serving a synthetic savior is a snap; which is why the church growth movement exists today - to change your perception of God, His Son, His Word, His church and its mission - to make each of them more desirable and appealing to the flesh - resulting in, of course, expeditious church growth. You see, the flesh hates holiness and so do those who have dedicated their lives to making the church more like the world. Frankly, holiness is hard on the numbers. . . Instead of hating evil, as scripture commands, today's Christian is being taught just the opposite - to hate holiness - not in so many words, but by zealously ridding the church and its members of anything that represents or encourages fear, respect, reverence and awe toward the Almighty - going so far as to promote a casual, even cavalier attitude and atmosphere in and around church ... [Read Link]

19 June, 2006   comments: (0) Resource Spotlight  

Father's Day and a Longing For My Return To Rome

Yesterday's visit with my Catholic family brought to mind a most troubling prayer: "O Mother of Perpetual Help, thou art the dispenser of all the goods which God grants to us miserable sinners, and for this reason he has made thee so powerful, so rich, and so bountiful, that thou mayest help us in our misery. Thou art the advocate of the most wretched and abandoned sinners who have recourse to thee. Come then, to my help, dearest Mother, for I recommend myself to thee. In thy hands I place my eternal salvation and to thee do I entrust my soul". ... [Read More!]

14 June, 2006   comments: (0) Unity At What Cost?  

Gospel-Truth More Important Than Unity & Peace

JC Ryle, in writing about what we may learn from Paul at Antioch, pointed out this lesson: "To keep Gospel truth in the Church is of even greater importance than to keep peace". Scripture reveals how Paul hated false doctrine enough to even confront Peter over it. And yet, no man may have known better the value of peace and unity than the Apostle Paul. ... [Read More!]

13 June, 2006   comments: (0) Audio Clips  

Relationships and Sharing Personal Experiences    Listen

In a recent conversation that I had about evangelism, someone gave a hearty Amen to this quote from a modern author: "[we should] become involved in the lives and activities of others who are not part of the Christian community, and let our lives prompt others to ask us questions about our faith. When this happens, we have earned a right to be heard. . .". Sometimes this relational approach is coupled with an emphasis on sharing one's own personal and subjective experiences about God, at the expense of the facts. ... [Play/Download MP3]

12 June, 2006   comments: (0) Today's Evangelism  

When Churches Sacrifice Morality For Evangelism

Imagine this scenario: The year is 2050, the place is Germany, and due to changing cultural conditions, Adolf Hitler is once again viewed as a hero. Succumbing to the pressure of the people, the German government has abolished a century-old law forbidding the distribution of his book Mein Kampf. It's bad news for that country, but the one bright spot seems to be that the German church is sincerely motivated to reach the lost. Having learned valuable evangelistic lessons from the American megachurches decades earlier, they endeavor to exploit this new "Hitler mania" and use it to enhance evangelism. It's an aggressive soul winning strategy; what can be learned from it? ... [Read More!]

11 June, 2006   comments: (0) Today's Evangelism  

"I Really Want To Believe, But I'm Afraid I Can't"

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you might
remember the pastor and feisty commenter known as 'PDL'.
He was incensed at evangelists who believe in election and predestination, perceiving that they were not telling unbelievers the whole story. His suggested evangelism outline for such evangelists goes something like this: "Believe in Jesus. But do you know what? That's not going to do any good, because first you have to be elected by God, and if you aren't, then too bad for you". But some of the greatest evangelists in history were believers and defenders of the doctrine of election, and you might be surprised at how that impacted their evangelism. ... [Read More!]

9 June, 2006   Postmodernism  


Can we all agree to never use this sentence again?
It's an unproductive ad hominem thrown into a potentially productive conversation about understanding God. What I think that line really means is
"I don't agree with your explanation but I don't have an argument in response". It's a way of dismissing someone's reasons without saying why they're wrong. And it's actually kind of rude because it implies that we're doing something illegitimate with God. But you know what? We all put God in a box - the Stand To Reason blog explains how. ... [Read Link]

7 June, 2006   comments: (0) The Way I Slice It  

The Way I Slice It - Volume 6

(11 May - 6 June) In addition to OldTruth.com, some of my writings appear on the Slice of Laodicea website. Here's a listing of some of the more compelling topics that I've written about recently. ... [Read More!]

6 June, 2006   comments: (0) Audio Clips  

How To Pick a Pastor When They All Look Alike    Listen

Today's evangelical pastors often look and sound alike. Their sermons are witty, full of stories, and they tend to quote bible verses and expand upon them with their own personal ideas and philosophies. Think of this short audio clip as a "shopping guide", for those who are looking for a church, or for anyone who simply wants to evaluate their own pastor to see how he measures up. Following the wrong teaching has the potential to shipwreck your faith, so it's vital to know the right criteria to judge
your pastor by. ... [Play/Download MP3]

5 June, 2006   comments: (0) Resource Spotlight  

How To Buy and Reform Your MP3 Player

An MP3 player is one of the best investments that you can make, especially if you have any amount of commuting that you do on a daily basis. If you think these devices are only music players, think again. You can turn your drive time into a productive learning and bible memory time with one of these units. But what is the best kind to buy, and what would you listen to on your MP3 player? Learn from my trial and error. ... [Read More!]

3 June, 2006   comments: (0) Postmodernism  

No New Novelties: Truth is Never Antiquated

In the 19th century, Horatius Bonar admonished believers to remember the danger of seeking novelties in religion, doctrine, or experience. For the sake of being original or singular, we may perhaps refuse to borrow or to imitate from the past, and we may end up filtering God's words through the corrupting medium of human intellect. ... [Read More!]

3 June, 2006   Church History  


Reading this link was the cause of some out-loud laughter for me. But after that wears off, you start to wonder - how did it get like this? How did we get from the one who had no place to lay His head, to this present day royal figurehead. The answer of course, is little by little, over centuries of history. ... [Read Link]



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