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Today's Predestination Paranoia is Unwarranted

Manipulated 'Decisions' Lead To Gospel-Hardening

The Benefits of Not Ignoring Election in Your Bible

Am I Guilty of Reformed Popery and should Christians Go To Church? A response to Lee.

New Health Concerns for Jim

False Doctrine Worse Than Division

Following DeWaay Out of Purpose Driven'ism

"They're Aware of Their Sin, Why Beat Them Up?"

Taking a Few Days Off - See You Next Week



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Thus says the Lord: "Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls.
But they said, 'We will not walk in it.'" --Jeremiah 6:16


Blog: OldTruth.com :Today's Predestination Paranoia is Unwarranted

28 April, 2008   comments: (0) Today's Pragmatism  

Do Today's Churches Give God a Subordinate Role?   John MacArthur

Many in the church today believe that the only way to reach the world is to give the unchurched multitudes what they want. . . Subtly the overriding goal is church attendance and worldly acceptability rather than a transformed life. Preaching the Word and boldly confronting sin are seen as archaic, ineffectual means of winning the world. After all, those things actually drive most people away. Why not entice people into the fold by offering what they want, creating a friendly, comfortable environment, and catering to the very desires that constitute their strongest urges? As if we might get them to accept Jesus by somehow making Him more likable or making His message less offensive. That kind of thinking badly skews the mission of the church. ... [Read More!]

25 April, 2008   comments: (0) Audio Clips  

The False Peace of Truth-Compromised    Listen

There is an attitude pervasively present in evangelical Christianity today that says "We're sick and tired of doctrinal debates and disputes that divide people and create disharmony, dissidence, hard feelings, split churches and all that. Why should we have denominations? Why do we have these differences? Those things aren't important. All that matters is 'Do you love Jesus?'" When that attitude prevails, you can kiss the church of Christ goodbye, because the desire for peace, which is a good desire, a godly desire, and the New Testament and the Old Testament frequently enjoin us to seek peace, to pursue peace, to live at peace, and wherever it's possible - to not be argumentative, contentious, divisive. But when we win peace by negotiating truth, where truth is slain in the streets, what we have is what the Bible calls false peace, a carnal peace, a peace that has no substance. ... [Play/Download MP3]

23 April, 2008   comments: (0) Sound Doctrine  

By Nature We Bend Towards That Which is False   AW Pink

The Lord's command in Mark 4:24 is "take heed what ye hear". Corrupt nature is thoroughly in love with error and will more readily and eagerly receive false rather than true doctrine. Should any dispute this statement, we would refer them to Jeremiah 5:31: "the prophets prophesy falsely and the priests bear rule by their means; and My people love to have it so". Said Christ unto the Jews, "because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not" (John 8:45): what a commentary on fallen human nature - had He preached lies they would have promptly received Him. ... [Read More!]

21 April, 2008   Resource Spotlight  


Here's a small collection of quotes from one of my favorite authors. Walter Chantry was a pastor for many years and his books are available (some from Amazon but more often) from the online CVBBS bookstore that is headquartered in the hometown that he preached in for decades. Recently he retired, and along with his wife - moved several states away to be near my church where they can spend time with their grandchildren and hear their son preach for us every Sunday. Walter Chantry is still quite busy for the Lord however, as the Editor of Banner of Truth magazine, which Chad and I both subscribe to. We often jest with Chad that, even though he only lives a mile or two from Walter Chantry, he must wait for his BOT magazine to arrive each month - all the way from Scotland! But it's well worth waiting for, and Walter Chantry's books deserve a special place in your personal library. I owned most of them before I ever met any of the Chantry family, so I hope that erases at least some of the bias of my recommendation. ... [Read Link]

20 April, 2008 - by Chad   comments: (0) General  

Post Suspended; Decalogue Disposal: The High Price Paid BY NCT.

I have decided to suspend the last post regarding NCT. In it I made the assertion that New Covenant Theology denies the imputation of Christ's active obedience to the believer and most certainly many of it's adherents do. Commentor Chris C. pointed out that that is not a universal teaching among NCT adherents. I had provided a link to an NCT [belief statement] which explicitly denied the imputation of Christ's active obedience but upon further research I have seen a fair amount of upholding of the doctrine concerning the imputation of Christ's active obedience as well. It should be noted that NCT adherents all agree that salvation is by faith alone in Christ alone.

NCT is a system of theology still in development and while it's adherents hold many doctrines universally, like the denial that the 10 commandments contain the eternal moral law of God, they also widely differ on may other areas which makes addressing it as system extremely difficult. As the post was written I saw no way to satisfactorily clarify my intent without a total re-write, and since comments had already been made on the post I thought it best to take it down until the issue can be addressed in a manner that accurately represents NCT's position on the matter.

My apologies go to any who were offended or thought that I unfairly categorized NCT and it's teaching in the area of imputed righteousness.

16 April, 2008   comments: (0) Sound Doctrine  

Stern Words of Condemnation Against Error   Horatius Bonar

For there is some danger of falling into a soft and effeminate Christianity, under the plea of a lofty and ethereal theology. Christianity was born for endurance. It walks with firm step and erect frame; it is kindly, but firm; it is gentle, but honest; it is calm, but not facile; obliging, but not imbecile; decided, but not churlish. It does not fear to speak the stern word of condemnation against error, nor to raise its voice against surrounding evils, under the pretext that it is not of this world. It does not shrink from giving honest reproof lest it come under the charge of displaying an unchristian spirit. ... [Read More!]

15 April, 2008   Resource Spotlight  


Sketches From Church History would be the book to have if you could only own one such book. As John Gerstner points out in his recommendations, all church history books have a bias; you can't get away from that fact. This book, which is my church's Book of The Month for July, admittedly has a Reformed bias. A History of The Christian Church by Williston Walker is Gerstner's top pick, though it has a mild liberal bias, and is not a very fun book to read because it's so dense with raw information. It's almost the opposite of Bruce Shelley's Church History In Plain Language which reads more like a novel that you can't put down. The book I'm recommending however, has numerous photos and is written at a level which makes it understandable to even young teenagers. Regardless of which of these books you choose, be sure and buy at least one of them, and read it. History repeats itself, and so much can be learned about today's church by studying the past. ... [Read Link]

14 April, 2008   comments: (0) Postmodernism  

Church Discipline? "But That's Judgmental"    Martyn Lloyd Jones

"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves". But how is that to be taken? I cannot beware of "false prophets" if I am not to think, and if I am so afraid of judging that I never make any assessment at all of their teaching. These people come in sheep's clothing; they are very ingratiating and they use Christian terminology. They appear to be very harmless and honest and are invariably very nice. But we are not to be taken in by that kind of thing; beware of such people. Our Lord also says, "Ye shall know them by their fruits"; but if I am not to have any standard or exercise discrimination, how can I test the fruit and discriminate between the true and the false? So, without going any further, that cannot be the true interpretation which suggests that this just means being free and easy, and scripture can not be telling us to have a flabby and indulgent attitude towards anybody who vaguely uses the designation Christian. That is quite impossible. ... [Read More!]

14 April, 2008   Today's Pragmatism  


On April 8th of last week, I posted on one of the reasons why John MacArthur said that he could never be a part of a Seeker Sensitive church. By that I assume that you know what I mean; I'm not talking about the kind of 'sensitivity' that we should all have toward visiting unbelievers. That's certainly an aim of my church, though Old Truth's critics are fond of painting us to the contrary. I suppose the better term for what we ought to take issue with is "Seeker-CENTERED". But here's the kind of thing that MacArthur was talking about: up until recently Rick Warren's Saddleback church had a Q&A on their website saying that they would baptize unwed couples who are living together. The T4G blog pointed out the problem with baptizing someone who has confessed a lifestyle of unrepentant sin. And with the sizable gap they've created between church membership and baptism, you can get a sense of the complexity that MacArthur was talking about on the issue of Church Discipline. Simply asked, if your church mostly consists of 'seekers' who are assumed to be "trying out Christianity" (for as long as two years in one case I heard of), then how can pastors perform their duties related to Church Discipline? This link has the exact wording from Saddleback's website. After having been online for many months, I've noticed that it recently disappeared however, with no public retraction from Saddleback. Does this mean that they are trying to keep their policy hush-hush, or have they changed their policy to a more biblical one? I don't know, but if you do, and can point me to a page on their site that contains the correction, I'll post an update here. As for Willow Creek (the church I mentioned last time)- I have no idea what their policy is for baptism, nor do I know whether the 'frisky' couple that was sitting in front of my family was baptized or married (though neither was wearing a wedding band). While I love to see unbelievers visit corporate worship by believers, I wonder if the whole "non-church" look-and-feel of these structures lends itself to a loss of reverence toward God in our time, and for this couple at least - made it seem more like a date-night movie theater than a place of worship. On the other hand, God and worship are not about buildings or locations, and I'm not suggesting a return back to medieval stain glass and "smells and bells" or Old Testament temples. I'm just thinking out-loud and asking whether architecture can go too far, and perhaps play a role in the way our Lord is reverenced (or not). ... [Read Link]

10 April, 2008   comments: (0) Classic Devotion  

Our Jealous God

I know what you are thinking, "what were you doing reading a Charles Spurgeon devotional marked for the morning of September 12th here in the middle April?" I'm not exactly sure why myself. Never the less, I was reading it, and this was one of those that almost seemed to have my name on it. It centers around a verse that you would probably never hear preached about in most of today's churches. It's just too, 'negative', not very loving sounding, and hardly the kind of verse you'd expect to read in the Purpose Driven Life book; not even if the author of that book chopped the verse in half, and used the most user-friendly sounding of the 11 bible versions that he had available to him. The verse the devotional was based on was "God is jealous." Nahum 1:2.... [Read More!]

9 April, 2008   comments: (0) Church History  

The Church is Prone To Pendulum Swings

A.W. Pink pointed out that changing conditions in Christianity call for an ever-varying emphasis on different aspects of Divine Truth. At different periods in church history, the true servants of God have had to face widely different situations, and meet errors of varied character. This has called for a campaign of offense and defense adapted to the crisis of many situations. The weapons suited to one conflict were quite useless for another; fresh ones needing to be constantly drawn from the armory of Scripture. ... [Read More!]

8 April, 2008   Today's Pragmatism  


I remember years ago, willingly coming out of the Seeker Sensitive Movement, and not so willing easing out of the Pentecostal Movement, right at about the same time. I happened to see John MacArthur on CrossTV.com, delighted to hear his views on the prior topic, but I had never really liked what he had to say about the latter. As I began to understand Sola Scriptura better however, I eventually began seeing eye-to-eye with him on both topics however. I remember him in that video saying that one of the reasons he knew right off the bat that he could never be a part of the Seeker Movement was that system's corresponding break-down in biblical Church Discipline. I mean, think about it, if most of the people showing up at your church are in various stages of kicking the tires of Christianity, and this could go on for months or even years, how do you eventually bring someone like that under Church Discipline for conduct detrimental to themselves as well as the church? I've mentioned before about the first Sunday I ever brought my family to visit Bill Hybels' Willow Creek church, and there was an unmarried couple in front of us with their hands in each other's back (jean) pockets. I'm not trying to be self-righteous nor am I denying that Jesus ate with tax collectors, but - this was church folks! I know nothing about this couple, but let's suppose for a moment that they were living together. MacArthur's point was that, in this kind of church, where the vast majority are considered perpetual "guests", how do the leaders obey the scriptural directives to carry out Church Discipline? In this WSJ article posted by Tom Ascol of Founders, the question gets brought up - what exactly is Church Discipline anyway, and why is it even important? NOTE: See UPDATE on 13 April, 2008 in this section.

4 April, 2008   comments: (0) Today's Worship  

I Confess: Wrong Motives For 'Rockin' Worship

You might remember earlier last year when I posted the confession of a numbers-pastor who came clean and admitted his wrong motives for counting converts; he said his whole idea of 'success' was tied up in these stats, and went on to warn other pastors how easy it is to get caught up in the numbers. Well here's a similar confession from a technology guy who wanted his church's worship services to 'rock', and like the confessing numbers-pastor he did some soul searching and questioning of his true motives. If only more of today's pastors would examine their hearts like these men, and ask themselves "why am I doing this?"... [Read More!]

3 April, 2008   comments: (0) Postmodernism  

Christianity Without Doctrine?   JC Ryle

A religion without doctrine or dogma is a thing which many are fond of talking of in the present day. It sounds very fine at first. It looks very pretty at a distance. But the moment we sit down to examine and consider it, we shall find it a simple impossibility. We might as well talk of a body without bones and tendons. No man will ever be anything or do anything in religion, unless he believes something. No one ever fights earnestly against the world, the flesh and the devil, unless he has engraven on his heart certain great principles which he believes. ... [Read More!]



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